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Diversity The women breaking barriers in dentistry

While more women are graduating from dental school, their enrollment in advanced programs varies significantly by specialty.

Diversity 5 ways to make your practice more inclusive

Dentists can take steps to help provide an inclusive, welcoming and comfortable practice for their patients.

Finance Student Loan Spotlight: How Public Service Loan Forgiveness helps dentists support underserved communities

Many dentists factor their ability to pay down student loan debt into decisions about where to live and work and which communities to serve.

Diversity Supporting diversity in dentistry

Multiple dental associations exist to support dentists from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Finance Ask the Expert: What should I consider before making the leap to practice partner?

Understanding the ins and outs of buying into a dental practice, including a group practice, can be overwhelming.

Diversity Creating inclusion and comfort: Orthodontist connects with LGBTQ+ dental community

Marc Weber, D.D.S., says his first five years in the dental profession as a member of the LGBTQ+ community have been incredibly rewarding.

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