Wellness countdown to 2022 — 7. Free webinar: Mental Health, Dentistry and You

Editor’s note: Here’s to a healthier 2022!

Let’s face it…it hasn’t been an easy year, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact day-to-day lives.

In August 2020, an ADA Health Policy Institute survey on the impact of COVID-19 on dentists under the age of 35 found that 87% reported experiencing anxiety and 55% reported experiencing depression. In the same survey, 55% were not familiar with mental health and other supportive services; and over 30% were not comfortable seeking out mental health services for themselves or team members. Early indications from the 2021 health survey show continued mental health concerns for dentists, including anxiety and depression.

Let’s count down the last busy days of 2021 by highlighting wellness resources and tips the ADA has to offer — from toolkits on workplace wellness and videos on ergonomics to webinars andfact sheets on mental health.

7. Free webinar: Mental Health, Dentistry and You

What does a good mental health look like? It means we can positively engage in productive activity and fulfilling relationships; and have the ability to adapt to change and deal with adversity, according to the World Health Organization.

But how can the dental profession become a leader in destigmatizing mental health?

In the free ADA-hosted webinar, Mental Health, Dentistry and You , take a deep dive into the definition of wellness, sharing how to recognize when a colleague is struggling, and identifying ways to be supportive within the dental practice and workplace setting.

These include:

  • Normalizethe conversation around mental health in the profession and practice setting.
  • Display posters within the office to increase awareness.
  • During team meetings, ask how others are feeling and doing.
  • Consider terming days off as wellness days rather than sick days.

The webinar by NAMI Chicago was recorded on June 27 and was a part of the ADA Accelerator Series, provided in part by a generous grant from Crest +Oral-B. It covered some of the challenges and opportunities for wellness and then presented wellness techniques and strategies that dentists and their teams can implement to build resilience and improve workplace wellness.

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