New dentists share what they most look forward to post-pandemic

Dr. Marsh

New Dentist News asked dentists from around the country aboutwhat they hope the summer and beyond will bring them as vaccination efforts continue to ramp up and restrictions begin to lift. Here are a few of their responses:

Photo of Dr. Brooke
Dr. Fukuoka

"I am most looking forward to spending time outdoors at the lake with my family, the hot summer sun and not having COVID-19 be the talking point of interactions with patients."
Britton M. Marsh, D.D.S., Wyoming

"My team and I look forward to taking our portable clinic back into long-term care facilities for in-person care. While guided oral hygiene utilizing teledentistry and remote-monitored silver diamine fluoride application have been great tools during the pandemic, we miss our patients."
Brooke Fukuoka, D.M.D., Idaho

Photo of Dr. Kazim
Dr. Kazim

"I am looking forward to a very productiveand enjoyable 2021. I will be excited to visit family and friends again. With the easing of restrictions, I hope to get the chance to show my wife my hometown of Oakville, Ontario, Canada."
Amir Kazim, D.D.S., California

Photo of Dr. Ramirez
Dr. Ramirez

"As the summer months approach, I'm hoping to return to "normal" carne asada season with my friends and family. It’s a huge part of my Mexican heritage to get together over a nice piece of meat, with homemade guacamole and salsa. I truly hope that more of these reunions will not only be safe, but also possible."
Eddie Ramirez, D.M.D., Oregon

Photo of Dr. Kai
Dr. Kai

"I am most excited to attend national and local events, both dental-related and not. Hopefully, the vaccine will be ubiquitous come summer, and everyone will be able to resume a normal social life. I hope to see colleagues, both familiar and not, at SmileCon."
Kevin Kai, D.D.S., California

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