Dental school grad finds a practice and mentor through ADAPT

ADA program’s ‘matchmaking services’ looks to connect dentists through shared philosophy of care

Match: Dr. Hannah Morgan (left) found her mentor/employer, Dr. Jennifer Knoll (right), through the ADA Practice Transitions program.

Sparta, Wis. — Hannah Morgan, D.D.S., grew up in small-town Alaska, went to college in Montana, and then attended the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

As she approached her dental school graduation in 2021, she knew the type of climate she wanted to practice in: cold and rural.

Through ADA Practice Transitions , Dr. Morgan found what she was looking for, as well as a willing mentor.

She is now a happy associate at the Sparta, Wisconsin, practice of Jennifer Knoll, D.D.S.

“As a new graduate, I wanted to find a mentor in my employer,” Dr. Morgan said. “I felt I did not have the experience or confidence to go straight into ownership after graduation.

Therefore, I looked for practices that had an owner eager to educate and, as an added bonus, a pathway to ownership. I looked for a practice that had the same philosophy of patient care that I had.”

Powered by the ADA, ADA Practice Transitions supports independent dentistry by helping dentists buy or sell a practice, hire an associate or find a job. ADAPT, a service of the ADA Business Innovation Group, matches dentists who are looking to join a practice with owners who are seeking an associate or someone to purchase their practice. It brings dentists all the tools, information and support that is vital to the process while facilitating matches based on what matters to dentists the most — their philosophy of care. Each client works closely with an ADA adviser who provides training and coaching — all with a focus on allowing them to achieve their individual and mutual goals.

Dr. Morgan first heard about ADA Practice Transitions at a lunch-and-learn during dental school.

“I was intrigued by their matchmaking services for dentists all based on philosophy of patient care,”

Dr. Morgan said. “Since it was a service through the ADA, I also felt confident the service only had their dental clients’ best interests in mind.”

Using the services of an ADA adviser, one of Dr. Morgan’s first potential matches was Dr. Knoll.

“Dr. Knoll reached out to me first via email,” Dr. Morgan said. “Although our advisers recommended a phone call, I was happy to hear that Dr. Knoll also preferred email and we could chat back and forth whenever we had spare time. Even through email, I could sense Dr. Knoll was energetic, eager, caring and overall someone who I would like to be around.”

They shared more than 30 emails before contractswere even signed.

“Dr. Knoll had the ability to make me excited to join the dental workforce and specifically, her team,” Dr. Morgan said.

Dr. Morgan learned that Dr. Knoll’s practice was growingand busy, with an average of 45 new patients each month. Dr. Knoll was one of only three dentists in the town in western Wisconsin, all of whom are very busy, especially because three other dentists have retired in the past seven years.

Dr. Morgan raved about her experience using ADAPT.

“It’s free to sign up, why not try it out?” she said. “I had nothing but a great experience. I felt a lot of relief knowing I had found a job almost six months before I graduated. I found that I was one of the first of my classmates to have done so. The process is efficient, easy and even fun. After working at the office I have chosen, I am incredibly glad I tried ADAPT.”

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