Resilience webinars provide strategies for supporting mental health

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Looking to improve your physical and mental wellness? The ADA offers several webinars and other videos to support you on your path to a healthier life.

The ADA’s two-part webinar series on the importance of resilience includes How Can Dentists Develop Emotional Resilience in a World Full of Stress?: Practical Strategies from Psychology, Public Health and Neuroscience and Developing Your Own Emotional Resilience/Wellness Plan: Professional and Personal Strategies to Survive and Thrive.

The webinars focus on helping dentists in all career phases by teaching them evidence-based resilience strategies to support their mental health. The featured presenter is Sheela Raja, Ph.D., and the moderator is ArNelle Wright, D.M.D. Both webinars are free to ADA members.

The ADA Accelerator Series, which offers wellness, leadership and work-life balance tools, has a series of wellness videos on the ADA YouTube page. The wellness playlist covers ergonomic tips for dentists and their teams, ways to better understand and combat stress, guidance on creating a supportive workplace, and more.

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