What does your state require for dental specialty licensure?

ADA launches new searchable map on Dental Licensure Dashboard


Accessing the licensure requirements for dental specialties in your state is easier than ever thanks to a new interactive map launched by the American Dental Association.

The specialty licensure map highlights the requirements for dental specialty licensure, permit or designation in each state. It is the latest addition to the ADA’s Dental Licensure Dashboard, a collection of interactive maps on the ADA website that provide information on each state’s dental licensure requirements. Other maps address initial licensure; continuing education and renewal; and licensure by credentials.

The dashboard launched in December 2019 with the initial licensure requirements map. The ADA added the continuing education requirements and renewal map in June 2020, followed by the licensure by credentials map in June 2021.

The information compiled in each map comes from state statutes and regulations and notices from state dental boards. The maps provide links to these materials.

The dashboard is available at .

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