5 wellness resources for new dentists

Let’s face it: the last couple of years have not been easy, with the pandemic continuing to impact day-to-day lives.

From toolkits on workplace wellness to webinars and fact sheets on mental health, here are some resources and tips available at and that can hopefully make life and work for new dentists more manageable.

•View the  Mental Health, Dentistry and You webinar. What does a good mental health look like? This free ADA-hosted webinar takes a deep dive into the definition of wellness, shares how to recognize when a colleague is struggling, and identify ways to be supportive within the dental practice.

•Take a breather. When you feel the need to quell errant stress and relax, try this box breathing technique: Inhale four seconds; hold it for four seconds; exhale four seconds; hold it for four seconds. 

•Subscribe to ClassPass. Endorsed by ADA Member Advantage, the monthly subscription service provides access to tens of thousands of different studios, gyms and wellness offerings in over 2,500 cities worldwide. ADA members receive free access to its digital library which includes on-demand classes and exclusive discounts. For more information, visit

•Download the Ultimate Workplace Mental Health Toolkit. The toolkit from NAMI Chicago, which is part of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, outlines key concepts underpinning workplace mental health, some common pitfalls that employers make and actionable steps that dentists can take to integrate each concept into their workplace. Download the toolkit at

•Foster wellness and self care. As part of the ADA Accelerator Series, “Fostering Wellness & Self Care” is a one-hour webinar teaches new dentists how to create their own wellness plan and engage in activities that benefit the management of stress and engagement in self-care.

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