On International Yoga Day, dentists join together for Zen and a worthy cause

Virtual class helps raise $1,240 for ADA’s Give Kids A Smile program

Dr. Barrera

“As dentists, we face unique mental, physical and emotional challenges each day,” explained Dr. Alex Barrera, member since 2017, who led the online class. “These challenges often create discord and imbalance in our bodies and minds, taking a toll on our health and wellbeing.”

The all-levels yoga flow targeted parts of the body that tend to become tight or strained over time when practicing dentistry. Guided by Dr. Barrera, a certified yoga teacher, the participants aligned slow and steady movement with their breath to help restore the body and mind while also helping to improve flexibility, mobility and strength. 

The session benefitted everyone who rolled out their mat — and raised funds for the ADA’s GKAS program. The ADA committed to donating $10 for everyone that registered and who joined the free class, resulting in $1,240 for the nationwide program that provides free oral health care to underserved children.

The founders of GKAS recognize the importance of oral health to overall health and the staggering need that exists among millions of children who go without oral care. Each year approximately 6,500 dentists and 30,000 dental team members volunteer at local GKAS events to provide free oral health education, screenings, and preventive and restorative treatment to over 300,000 children.

After the yoga session ended with a brief guided meditation, Dr. Barrera concluded, “Working to help dentists find balance, while supporting such a worthy cause, has been a powerful experience.” 

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Dr. Alex Berrera leads a virtual yoga class on International Yoga Day
Teach: Dr. Alex Barrera leads a virtual yoga class on International Yoga Day, which helped raise $1,240 for the ADA's Give Kids A Smile program.

Imagine being able to relax and release the tension your body experiences as a dentist, while supporting a worthy cause like Give Kids A Smile.

It’s that dual purpose, caring for yourself and others, that drew dentists to join a virtual class on June 21, International Yoga Day, for 45-minutes of yoga and meditation to help restore the body and mind.

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