Webinar: What is Medicare Advantage?

ADA staff joined by reps from Cigna Dental to explain participation in Medicare Advantage plans

A free ADA webinar will educate participants on the differences between Medicare and Medicare Advantage - also known as Medicare Part C plans - and how participation may affect a typical dental practice.

Medicare Advantage: What is Medicare Part C and How Does it Work with Dental Coverage? live streams April 26 from noon-1 p.m. Central time.

One hour of continuing education credit is available to all participants who remain connected for at least 45 minutes.

In multiple surveys with dentists, dental insurance has consistently been cited as one of the major problems faced by dental practices.

In this webinar, ADA staff will be joined by representatives from Cigna Dental as they explain the differences between Medicare plans and how participation in Medicare Advantage plans may specifically affect practices.

Topics that will be covered include star rating systems for Medicare Advantage plans, supplemental offerings, and what a dentist needs to understand about opt-out provisions, preclusion/exclusion lists and dual-eligible members.

In addition, various types of Medicare Advantage products will be discussed, including dental health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations. The presenters will provide information on network participation and discuss how non-covered services are handled.

The presenters include Stacy Hood, director of network contracting and Medicare at Cigna Dental; Lisa Cosgrove, DHMO and Medicare national contracting manager at Cigna Dental; and Dennis McHugh, ADA manager of third party payer advocacy.

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