ADA, others urge FDA to ban menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars

The ADA and other stakeholders are asking the Food and Drug Administration to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars.

In Aug. 2 letters, the coalition - led by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids - provided the FDA with comments on the  Proposed Rule for a Tobacco Product Standard for Menthol in Cigarettes and the Proposed Rule for a Tobacco Product Standard for Characterizing Flavors in Cigars.

Regarding the proposed rule on menthol cigarettes, the groups said a product standard prohibiting menthol as a characterizing flavor in cigarettes meets the statutory public health standard and urged the agency to exercise its authority under the Tobacco Control Act.

"The science supporting this product standard has been clear for over a decade and has grown stronger with each passing year," the coalition wrote. "There is no justification, or excuse, for further delay."

Regarding the proposed rule on flavored cigars, the groups wrote that banning these types of cigars will have a "substantial impact in preventing tobacco-caused mortality, avoiding suffering from tobacco addiction and disease, and reducing persistent and tragic health disparities in the U.S."

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