Written testimony for House of Delegates reference committee hearings due Oct. 2

Livestream broadcast option available for House of Delegates

All together: A reference committee for the 2022 House of Delegates meets in Houston. Photo by EZ Events Photography.

With the 2023 ADA House of Delegates convening Oct. 7-10 in Orlando, Florida, at the Hilton Orlando, written testimony for the reference committee hearings is due Oct. 2.

Hearings of the reference committees are scheduled for Oct. 8.

All members of the ADA are privileged to attend the in-person reference committee hearings and to participate in the deliberations.

ADA members who will not be in attendance at the 2023 House of Delegates reference committee hearings and nonmembers of the Association can submit written testimony by 5 p.m. Central time on Oct. 2.

Visit for instructions on how to submit written testimony and download the reference committee written testimony template.

Delegates and members who will be in attendance at the reference committee hearings should provide their testimony during the hearings.

ADA members can access the reports and resolutions prior to the 2023 House of Delegates at Each reference committee has its own PDF.

Delegates must be present to participate and vote in the House of Delegates, but for nonmembers of the House of Delegates, a livestream broadcast option is available.

Register at to view the livestream broadcast of the meeting of the House. The deadline to register to view the broadcast is Oct. 9 at 5 p.m. Central time.

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