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ADA launches voice-guided ergonomic stretches targeting common pain sites


The American Dental Association is making it easier than ever for dentists to take care of their physical health, with several ergonomic stretches now available in the ADA Member App.

Dentists are often subjected to uncomfortable postures and repetitive hand motions, leading to pain. Since 2003, respondents to the ADA’s well-being surveys have consistently reported experiencing pain or discomfort while working, most commonly in the neck, shoulders and back. Some also indicated the pain interfered with their work.

Quick stretch breaks throughout the day can help prevent work-related pain and injuries. The audio-guided stretches in the ADA Member App target the neck; torso; hand and wrist; and hip, knee and ankle, and users can set notifications to remind themselves to do certain stretches at certain times. The content is exclusive to the app and a companion to a PDF of stretches available from the ADA at

ADA wellness ambassador Mina Ghorbanifarajzadeh, D.M.D., lends her voice to guide users through the stretches. She collaborated with the ADA on this effort as part of her wellness ambassador project.

“I’ve been doing yoga since I was 15 years old,” she said. “I enjoyed it so much that while in dental school, I decided to get my yoga teacher training license because I saw the positive impact it was having on my body. I also noticed some of my fellow colleagues were complaining their necks or their shoulders were in pain after a half day in the clinic. I would share the stretches and movements I learned in yoga to help alleviate that pain. I was thrilled to find the ADA wanted to introduce this feature to the ADA Member App so that relief could be within a couple taps. I hope this feature brings you an opportunity to take care of yourself.”

The ADA Member App is included in ADA membership for both dentists and dental students. Members can learn more at or download the app by searching “ADA Member App” in their device’s app store.

In addition to following the ergonomic stretches, app users can explore their member benefits, take a career path quiz, organize documents and set expiration reminders, chat with peers, engage in mentoring opportunities and more.

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