ADA publishes FAQ on vaccines in the dental office

Can I as a health care employer require my employees to get COVID-19 vaccines?

If I require staff members to be vaccinated, what proof can I request them to provide?

What should I do if a staff member refuses to be vaccinated?

These questions as well as a half-dozen others regarding the responsibility and obligations of owner dentists when it comes to vaccination and their team members are answered in a new FAQ sheet prepared by the ADA, COVID-19 Vaccines in the Dental Workplace: FAQs for Practice Owners.

Other questions answered include:

  • If I require my staff to be vaccinated, must I pay for the vaccine and/or provide paid time off for them to receive the shot(s) (or pay for time off in the case of side effects)?
  • What if I require a vaccination and a staff member suffers an adverse reaction?
  • May staff members who have been vaccinated refuse to wear a mask and socially distance?
  • Can I tell patients if my staff members are vaccinated?

In addition, the FAQ addresses the vaccine requirements regarding the accommodation of team members with disabilities, including pregnancy-related disabling health conditions, as well as employees with genuinely held religious beliefs that prevent them from receiving a vaccine.

The ADA also offers a Q&A on vaccines for employee dentists.

As of June 2021, according to the ADA Health Policy Institute, 93.4% of dentists surveyed reported having received at least one vaccine dose, and 89.8% reported they were fully vaccinated. As of late July, 72.7% of surveyed dental hygienists were fully vaccinated, and 78.2% had received at least one dose.

For more information on the ADA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

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