New ADA CE Online courses focus on continuing education for dental teams

More than a score of courses range from practice management to clinical

ADA CE Online has more than 20 new continuing education courses designed expressly for dental team members who make a practice thrive, with more courses on the way.

New courses for hygienists, dental assistants, front office staff, lab technicians and others include practice management and clinical education such as The Successful PPO Practice , The Art of Anterior Provisionals , CBCT Medical Billing and Prior Authorization , and Mandibular Local Anesthesia for the Dental Professional .

Shannon Pace Brinker, a certified dental assistant and certified dental designer, and president of the Academy of Chairside Assisting , presents seven of the new courses, along with another four in the pipeline she is developing with ADA staff.

The education she provides, she said, is to help all members of the dental team, especially assistants and hygienists recently hired during the national workforce shortage experienced by dentists.

The focus of her courses are "heavily clinical, with no fluff," she said.

"We need really good, solid education," Ms. Brinker said. "This takes the pressure off the [dentists]."

The new courses include:
- The Dental Hygiene Detective: What your patient's mouth is telling you.
- Digital Photography: Point Shoot, SLR and Smartphones.
- Rubber Dam Isolation.
- Front Admin: You Can Effectively Lead, Strengthen and Unite your Team.
- System Implementation is the Key to Practice Growth.
- Help!! My Filling Fell Out. To Bond or Not to Bond.
- What the Dental Laboratory Needs to Know.

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