ADA members, team invited to free June 8 yoga class through ClassPass

ADA Member Advantage is inviting Association members and their dental teams to a free online yoga class through ClassPass, which it endorsed in May to provide free access to on-demand audio and video workouts, in addition to discounted live-class packages.

The one-hour beginner class is scheduled for June 8 at 7 p.m. Central time. It will be taught live in the Vinyasa flow style, in which participants move from one pose directly into the next, according to ADA Member Advantage.

“We get so wrapped up with how things are supposed to be, look or feel that sometimes we don’t actually let ourselves really go for it,” said class instructor Erin Eloise from YO BK in Brooklyn, New York. “So, try things on, play and see the possibilities are right here and right now.”

For the class, a yoga mat is recommended. Those who do not have a mat can use a beach towel or an uncluttered area of carpet.

The ADA Member Advantage announced May 14 it endorsed ClassPass, which allows Association members free access to over 4,000 hours of on-demand audio and video workouts.

The endorsement of ClassPass, a monthly subscription service that provides access to tens of thousands of different studios, gyms and wellness offerings in over 2,500 cities worldwide, also allows ADA members to receive 10% off on in-person class packages.

By signing up for a ClassPass membership, ADA members will have free access to its digital library which includes on-demand classes focused on strength, cardio, barre, Pilates, yoga, meditation and more.

To register for the free yoga class, register here. This live ClassPass program is available, in part, by a grant from Crest + Oral-B.

For more information on the ClassPass network, visit To sign up and take advantage of the program, ADA members can visit and enter the code “ADA2021” in the field that requests a company code.

For questions, ClassPass customer service can be reached at ADA members can also get in touch with the ADA Member Service center for additional support at 1-800-621-8099.


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