New ADA standard on digital radiography quality assurance available for download

The American Dental Association has published a new standard to establish clear and concise protocols that ensure adequate quality assurance for digital intraoral radiography.

American National Standards Institute/ADA Standard No. 1094 for Quality Assurance for Digital Intra-Oral Radiographic Systems is available for download from the ADA Store.

About 90% of practicing dentists use some form of digital intraoral radiographic system for their imaging requirements, according to the ADA. Quality assurance for digital intraoral radiography involves the consistent production of high-quality X-ray images to provide the maximum amount of diagnostic information while minimizing radiation exposure to the patient.

This standard addresses the three components involved with any digital intraoral imaging system: the image display device, X-ray source and digital image acquisition device.

The standard is free for ADA members and $37 for nonmembers.

The ADA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute to develop American National Standards and technical reports for products and information technology used by dental professionals and consumers.

National standards developed by the ADA serve the dental profession by ensuring product safety and efficacy for both clinician and patient and providing information on new and emerging technologies.

There are currently more than 100 national standards, and more are under development.

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