VA Dental Insurance Program now permanent

Washington - The Department of Veterans Affairs Expiring Authorities Act of 2021 became law on Sept. 30.

This legislation makes the VA Dental Insurance Program permanent for eligible veterans and dependents. The program gives eligible veterans the opportunity to purchase discounted dental insurance and provides coverage throughout the United States and its territories.

In an Oct. 4 letter to Rep. Frank Mrvan, D-Ind., ADA President Daniel J. Klemmedson, D.D.S., M.D., and Executive Director Kathleen T. O'Loughlin, D.M.D., thanked the lawmaker for sponsoring the legislation and said extending the VA's dental insurance program "is an important part" of the Association's efforts to support access to oral health care for veterans.

"The ADA strongly supports the permanent extension of the VA Dental Insurance Program through the Department of Veterans Affairs Expiring Authorities Act of 2021 and applauds the Congressional passage of this bill," Drs. Klemmedson and O'Loughlin wrote. "We are committed to supporting Americans in uniform and their families and stand ready to work together with you and your colleagues to better serve those who have served our country."

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