Artificial intelligence and the future of dentistry

Dr. Kraft
Dr. Salierno

How will artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology effect the future of dentistry?

During this ADA Cellerant TechX series course (2120),experts will give participants a glimpse of how health, medicine and dentistry could be reimagined with new technology advancements.

The course is worth one hour of continuing education.

It will take place on Oct. 12 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Dental Central, ADA Cellerant TechX, Stage 1.

The course’s lead instructor is Daniel Kraft, M.D., an innovator with over 25 years in clinical practice and biomedical research, and also features Chris Salierno, D.D.S., a chief development officer at Cellerant Consulting.

The fee is included with the Smile Pass and Platinum Smile Pass.

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