Last chance to participate in 2022 Survey of Dental Fees

The ADA Health Policy Institute is asking dentists who received a mailed survey on dental fees to respond.

Every few years, the Health Policy Institute conducts a survey of U.S. dentists in private practice concerning the fees they charge their patients. The survey is distributed to a representative sample of dentists across the U.S. The last reminder to complete the survey was mailed out last week to dentists in the sample who had not responded to the first invitations. While participation is voluntary, HPI is looking for more responses to be able to report the results for as many dental procedures as possible.

Results from the 2022 Survey of Dental Fees are expected to be released later in the summer or early fall. Meanwhile, the 2020 Survey of Dental Fees is available for download from the Association's catalog, free for members and for purchase by nonmembers. The 2020 report provides a national-level snapshot of fees charged for more than 250 of the most common dental treatments, average fees for general practice and specialties, and average fees reported by general practitioners and grouped by U.S. Census region, among others.

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