Longtime Alliance member reflects on second term as president

Organization supports well-being of dental families

Leaders: The Alliance Leadership Council gathers in Tucson, Arizona, for the Alliance’s annual conference. From left are Carolyn Dixon, Susanne Espinosa, Lynn Young, Anne Morrison, Sue Hadnot, Teresa Thuerer and Stacia Chavez. Not picturedare Greg Mitro and Lisa Wilson.

Anne Morrison joined the Alliance of the American Dental Association about 30 years ago to meet other dental spouses.

Now, as she serves her second term as Alliance president, Ms. Morrison has a network of friends from across the country she never would have known if not for the Alliance, which is made up of ADA member spouses, partners and families.

"The Alliance has provided me with a place of belonging within organized dentistry," she said.

Photo of Alliance at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Family time: Alliance members and their partners tour the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum during the Alliance’s annual conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Ms. Morrison previously was president of the Alliance in 2008-09, as well as president of the Alliance of the Omaha District Dental Society and the Alliance of the Nebraska Dental Association. Her current term began in April 2021, and she has agreed to serve two years to help provide continuity for the organization as it develops future leaders.

During both her terms as president, the Alliance has focused on attracting new members, taking into account the changing demographics of dentists, who now include more women than in the past, and their partners and potential Alliance members, who now include more men. The Alliance works to support the entire dental family.

"While the Alliance continues to promote dental health education and advocates for the practice and profession of dentistry, we now also focus on the well-being of dental spouses, as well as the entire dental family," Ms. Morrison said.

Photo of Anne and Scott Morrison Partners: Anne Morrison is the president of the Alliance of the American Dental Association, and her husband, Scott Morrison, D.D.S., is the 10th District trustee for the ADA.

Her husband of more than 30 years, Scott Morrison, D.D.S., is the 10th District trustee for the ADA. The Morrisons live in Omaha, Nebraska, and have two grown sons.

"It is special to have both of us serving in important positions within organized dentistry, doing our best to help lead our respective organizations into the future," Ms. Morrison said.

She said the Alliance has something to offer every dental partner.

"Whether we work in the dental practice, pursue our own career or take care of raising a family, we are all married to or in committed relationships with a dentist," Ms. Morrison said. "In our local communities, our spouses may compete for patients; however, we can all be friends and learn from each other. We can work together to carry out community service projects that help to improve the oral and overall health of individuals in our communities."

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