ADA conducting survey to understand use, interoperability of electronic health and dental records

Results to provide Association with info to enhance impact of health information technology on practices

The ADA is conducting a nationwide survey of U.S. dental offices in order to understand the use of electronic health/dental records and associated issues, such as the ability to transfer data between systems and the ability to share information with other dental and medical providers electronically.

The survey, “Provider Perspectives on Health Information Technology in the Dental Office,” will provide the ADA with information that will aid in the development of policies and advocacy efforts to improve the impact of health information technology on practices.

Those providers who receive the link to participate and decide to participate will share critical information as the ADA navigates its interactions with federal regulators and promotes polices that support dental practices.

“It’s critically important that we understand from practicing dentists how dental practice management software and electronic dental records impact [their] business operations and clinical care in their practices and how the ADA can best advocate for dentistry,” said Michael Saba, D.M.D., chair of the Digital Dentistry, Technology and Innovation Subcommittee of the ADA Council on Dental Practice.

Responses will be kept confidential, and results will be published in aggregate form only.

Preliminary results will be presented to the ADA Council on Dental Practice in May.

For questions, email or call 312-440-2750. If a dentist does not wish to participate, they may click the opt-out link at the end of the survey email or email


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