ADA seeks volunteers to develop standard on gathering patient data to determine benefits eligibility


The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics is seeking volunteers to develop a new standard that would help with determining patients' dental plan benefits prior to care.

To appropriately inform patients covered by adental plan about their estimated treatment costs, dental offices need an eligibility and benefit response at the procedure level that goes beyond the current information available.

To meet this need, Proposed ADA Standard No. 1113 for Complete Contents for Dental Procedure-Level Data Required for Eligibility and Benefit Responses will specify the complete information necessary for providers to communicate to payers to determine benefits fully. Procedure-level data for benefits will be provided in this standard as a sub-set of the ADA CDT codes that are most frequently used for communication with third-party benefit administrators.

Those interested in joining the working group that is developing the standard should email .

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