New FAQ addresses questions about complying with MATE Act

DEA required to send written, electronic communication about requirements no later than March 31

The Medication Access and Training Expansion Act, or MATE Act, was included in the omnibus spending bill that passed Congress at the end of 2022. This new law requires dentists to complete eight hours of training before receiving or renewing a Drug Enforcement Administration registration.

To help dentists comply with the new requirements, the ADA has created an FAQ addressing common questions the Association has heard from members, including:

Does this new federal training requirement affect me?

The federal training requirement applies to any dentist who requires a DEA registration to prescribe controlled substances (Schedules II, III, IV, and V). Those who do not need a DEA registration are not affected, the ADA FAQ said.

What am I required to do? How will I know my continuing education hours willsatisfy the requirement?

Controlled substance prescribers are required to complete eight hours of one-time training on safe controlled substance prescribing as a condition of receiving or renewing a DEA registration, according to the statute. The Drug Enforcement Administration has yet to announce which specific courses it will recognize and how it will make those determinations.

The DEA is required to send a “written, electronic” communication about the requirement no later than March 31. “Until then, all we know is what is specified in the statute,” the ADA said.

Will CE hours completed prior to the law’s passage count toward the new requirement?

Sec. 1263 does not preclude DEA from recognizing CE hours completed in the recent past. However, DEA has yet to announce this. The ADA is hopeful that more information will be including in the DEA update. “Note that relevant dental school coursework will count toward the federally required training for those who are less than five years out of dental school,” the ADA said.

Will I have to complete the eight hours of federally required CE on a cyclical basis?

“No. Additional training is not required after the one-time, eight-hour requirement has been satisfied.”

How much time do I have to satisfy the new federal CE requirement?

“Compliance is not required before June 30; however, the exact date is relative to when the prescriber first obtains or next renews their DEA registration,” according to the MATE Act.

Does the ADA offer continuing education on safe controlled substance prescribing?

The ADA offers continuing education for safe pharmacological management of dental pain, and the new law specifies that relevant ADA CERP courses will be eligible. However, DEA has yet to announce about what specific courses it will recognize and how it will make those determinations.

The ADA will continue to update the FAQ regularly. To read the FAQ in its entirety, visit

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