ADA journals expand reach through new social media channels

Discover latest findings, practical applications on X, LinkedIn


Researchers and clinicians alike now have new ways to engage with the latest oral health research from ADA journals. The Journal of the American Dental Association and JADA Foundational Science have joined X, formerly known as Twitter, and LinkedIn.

“Our goal with JADA’s social media presence is to provide a new forum for JADA readers to enjoy highlights from the latest studies in our pages and most current oral health care content from articles posted ahead of print,” said Tim Wright, D.D.S., editor-in-chief of JADA. “It’s also an opportunity to engage with your fellow readers, and possibly the authors themselves, about the groundbreaking dental research coming out of JADA and how it impacts dental practice.”

On X, followers can find links to new articles posted online before print, as well as highlights from some of the most popular studies with readers. The information shared will not only be for researchers, as clinicians will discover practical applications to help them use the findings in their own dental practices. The editors-in-chief of the journals will also pen thought pieces on LinkedIn.

“We are very excited to see the creation of new social media channels for JADA publications,” said Jack Ferracane, Ph.D., editor-in-chief of JADA Foundational Science, the ADA’s open-access journal. “We expect that these platforms will help spread the word about the important and timely research that we continue to publish at JADA FS and JADA.”

In addition to highlighting studies published in the journals, the accounts will also feature content from the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel, a web channel managed by the ADA and journal publisher Elsevier that curates the most clinically relevant dental research and summarizes it in easy take-home messages.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for the ADA’s expanding journals,” said Robin Campbell, senior manager of science journal operations and strategy for the ADA. “In launching these social media channels, we’re widening the reach of JADA and JADA Foundational Science, not to mention the phenomenal article curation provided by the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel.”

JADA FS, which launched in 2021, will especially benefit from the additional forums, Mr. Campbell said.

“As a new, online-only journal with a niche focus, we welcome any opportunity to trumpet its contributions to clinical dentistry and welcome new readers,” he said.

Follow @JADAJournals on X and The Journals of the American Dental Association on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest content from JADA, JADA FS and PracticeUpdate.

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