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SmileCon discussion explores women’s role in AI revolution

CE focuses on leveraging AI to enhance patient care, foster collaboration

Anne Duffy.

A continuing education course at SmileCon will explore artificial intelligence’s pivotal applications in dental practice management, diagnosis treatment planning and patient care and how women can be empowered to lead the way.

Dental AI: Thriving Together (6111) is part of the Women’s Leadership track sponsored by Crest + Oral B and scheduled for Oct. 18 from 10:15 a.m.-noon. 

It is worth 1.75 CE credits.

Moderating the presentation is Anne Duffy, a dental hygienist and founder and CEO of Dental Entrepreneur Media in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With nearly five decades of experience in dentistry, Ms. Duffy said she knows about the challenges presented to women in the industry.

The presentation will explore the pivotal role of women in dentistry and the significance of leadership in breaking barriers, analyzing the significance of women assuming leadership roles across all tiers of dentistry, Ms. Duffy said, including harnessing the capabilities of AI.

 “As AI increasingly assists in data analysis and clinical decision making in dentistry, it will allow women in the field to focus more on the ‘soft’ elements of leadership.” Ms. Duffy said. “Empathy, communication, and collaboration will become even more vital as women dentists leverage their innate skills to foster patient trust, create supportive team environments and drive innovation in oral health care. Excelling in these areas will not only enhance patient satisfaction but also empower women leaders to shape the future of dentistry with a compassionate and inclusive approach.”

  To entice audience participation, Ms. Duffy said the discussion will describe the interplay between technological advancements and the “indispensable human touch” and how women in dentistry are uniquely positioned to lead this transformation.

 “Together, let's delve into the exciting possibilities of leveraging AI to enhance patient care, foster collaboration and drive positive change in the dental profession,” she said.

Also speaking is Margaret Scarlett, D.M.D., a Lucy Hobbs Taylor award recipient from the American Association of Women Dentists. Her keynote, "The Truth, the Whole AI Truth, and nothing but the Tooth," will discuss how AI is revolutionizing dental practices and why female dentists are poised to transform their diagnostic, treatment, business and leadership skills, today and tomorrow, to advance their leadership roles in organized dentistry.

Stephanie Gans, D.D.S., senior scientist, North America Professional and Scientific Relations for Crest + Oral B, said, “At Crest + Oral-B, we value the contributions of women in dentistry and recognize the pivotal role they play in advancing the field and improving oral health care for all. Supporting women in dentistry is integral to our mission, as we believe in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity, which lead to innovative solutions, broader perspectives, and ultimately, a healthier community.”

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