Pediatric Chairside Instructor guide for youngsters’ oral health debuts

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A new ADA guide walks caregivers through the basics of what they need to know to keep their children’s mouths healthy.

The Pediatric Chairside Instructor: A Visual Guide to Children’s Oral Health is a handbook available in April from the ADA Store.

The edition is closely modeled after the popular guide for adults’ dental care, Chairside Instructor: A Virtual Guide to Case Presentations.

Using a variety of 80 clinical images, illustrations and infographics, the book can be used to explain a range of conditions and treatments to patients and their caregivers.

It includes 29 topics that cover tooth development, dental conditions and treatments, oral health and orthodontics. The laminated pages for wipe-clean care also cover teething, fluoride, sealants, treating caries in baby teeth, children’s airways and vaping.

The guide can also be used to teach dental hygiene or dental assisting students to identify signs and symptoms and discuss treatment options with patients.

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