ADA advises public about ‘veneer techs’

Dental treatment from unlicensed individuals has potential to cause dental damage


Mainstream and social media are reporting about services allegedly offered by “veneer technicians.” 

Veneer techs appear to promote themselves on social media as individuals who place veneers. 

“As dentists, our mission is to deliver quality care that promotes oral and overall health, as well as build trust with the patients we humbly serve in our communities,” said ADA President Linda J. Edgar, D.D.S. “Dental procedures that are considered irreversible should only be performed by licensed, trained dentists. The public should be extremely cautious of these purported offerings.”

Dental treatment from unlicensed individuals has the potential to cause damaging complications for patients, according to the ADA statement.

“Any dental procedure that may alter the physical structure of an individual’s teeth, gums or jaws, without the supervision of a dentist, has the potential to cause irreversible harm,” the ADA said.

Dentistry is a regulated health care profession that necessitates formal education and licensure, the ADA said. Each state has regulations that require dentists and hygienists to be licensed in order to provide patient care.

In an effort to support the public and advise of potential risks, ADA consumer advisor spokesperson Tricia Quartey, D.M.D., also spoke to journalist Phil Lewis of the newsletter “What I’m Reading” and cautioned the public, explaining that no exams are taking place and patients risk damage to the tooth itself, possible nerve damage and potential infection.

The ADA has also updated its page about veneers to advise how patients can check if their providers are licensed to provide dental services in their state.


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