Five ways dental hygienists can remain healthy

The tips are ones dental hygienists should already be incorporating into their lifestyle but helpful to remember, nonetheless.

  1. Use sharpen-free or reduced-sharpening instruments.
  2. Try ergonomic products before you purchase. Reducing shoulder, neck and hand fatigue should be a priority but make sure you're buying the right product for you. 
  3. Wear compression socks. These can increase your energy by improving blood circulation, reducing leg fatigue and decreasing spider veins. 
  4. Use prismatic deflective loupes. Meet with a loupe representative to try ones with a 0% forward head tilt verses the 20-30% tilt. 
  5. Have your posture examined by a professional. Meet with a certified ergonomic assessment specialist or contact a speaker considered an expert in the ergonomic field for tips on how to improve your movements. 

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