ADA seeking volunteers for National Elder Care Advisory Committee

The ADA Council on Dental Practice is seeking interested parties to submit their names to be considered as a volunteer for its National Elder Care Advisory Committee.

The committee’s goal is to advise the council on how to educate the dental profession on the oral health care needs of the growing U.S. senior population, how best to respond to those needs and to suggest policy recommendations related to positive oral health outcomes for the elderly.

Candidates who are subject matter authorities in geriatrics; dental treatment in long-term care facilities; or engaged in the use of mobile dentistry or teledentistry for geriatric patients are encouraged to submit their names for consideration.

Interested applicants should email their curriculum vitae and a statement of interest to by March 22.

The 2020 House of Delegates signaled the Association’s support of equitable dental care to elderly patients by passing five policy resolutions and referring eight other resolutions to ADA councils for consideration.

ADA President Daniel J. Klemmedson, D.D.S, M.D, hailed the occasion after the vote.

“The ADA believes in optimal, choice-driven dental care for elderly patients,” Dr. Klemmedson said. “It is essential that the oral health of everyone — including older adults — is recognized as a vital component of overall health by practitioners, patients and the public at large. As patients age, it is important to deliver necessary treatment with a focus on preventing future decay, so that the oral health of older adults does not decline as they become increasingly medically, functionally and cognitively complex patients. The ADA is committed to this, and the resolutions presented to the 2020 House of Delegates illustrate that obligation and passion.”

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