ADA Member Advantage endorses ClassPass

The ADA Member Advantage announced May 14 it has endorsed ClassPass, which allows Association members free access to over 4,000 hours of on-demand audio and video workouts.

The endorsement of ClassPass, a monthly subscription service that provides access to tens of thousands of different studios, gyms and wellness offerings in over 2,500 cities worldwide, also allows ADA members to receive 10% off on in-person class packages.

“We are really excited to be able to offer this program to ADA Members,” said John Maher, chair of the ADA Member Advantage board of directors. “The past year has been really tough, and we know dentists are more stressed than ever before. We hope some of the ClassPass offerings around meditation and yoga can assist in our members managing that extra stress and prioritizing health.”

By signing up for a ClassPass membership, ADA members will have free access to its digital library which includes on-demand classes focused on strength, cardio, barre, Pilates, yoga, meditation and more.

Members also have the option to sign up for an exclusive 10% discount to receive credits each month that can be used for live-streamed or in person classes and wellness experiences like meditation, sauna, acupuncture, massages, facials, manicures and more. The amount of credits needed to book a live class or wellness experience will vary depending on location and membership plan, according to ADA Member Advantage. Some examples of live classes at participating studios and gyms include yoga, barre, cycling, and martial arts.

“We are really excited to offer ClassPass to ADA Member dentists,” said Nicole Wolfe, head of corporate programs at ClassPass. At ClassPass we pride ourselves on our extensive network of gyms, studios, and wellness service providers that enable people to really create a fitness program that works with their needs, interests and schedule. We understand dentists are really busy professionals, and feel confident that ADA Members will be able to find motivating and encouraging classes that fit with their demanding schedules."

According to ADA Member Advantage, about 45% of ADA members surveyed in a November 2020 study indicated they were interested in a discounted program that would give them access to online pre-recorded workouts. Younger dentists and dental students were especially interested.

“Other surveys have indicated that exercise is really important to the majority of our members, so we are pleased that our new endorsement of ClassPass can offer our members value in this space,” said Mr. Maher.

For more information on the ClassPass network, visit To sign up and take advantage of the program, ADA members can visit and enter the code “ADA2021” in the field that requests a company code.

For questions, ClassPass customer service can be reached at ADA members can also get in touch with the ADA Member Service center for additional support at 1-800-621-8099.

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