PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel celebrates one year as go-to resource for clinical advances

The PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel is celebrating one year of being a one-stop shop for dentists and their teams looking to keep up to date on important clinical research findings contextualized by world-renowned experts.

Launched in May 2020, the ADA and Elsevier, publisher of The Journal of the American Dental Association, unveiled the web channel, which features daily updates from peer-reviewed journals, along with news and educational resources, to keep dentists current with practice-influencing clinical advances from across the spectrum of dentistry. The dental channel offered by PracticeUpdate, a free service for dentists, physicians and other clinicians, is an important initiative in the ADA’s and Elsevier’s drive towards evidence-based dentistry.

“This channel offers dental professionals a source of curated, cross-disciplinary information, providing a bridge between clinical dentistry and other therapeutic areas such as cardiology, diabetes, primary care,” said channel editor-in-chief Michael G. Newman, D.D.S. “International key opinion leaders from all areas of dentistry and medicine offer insights and commentaries with the aim of helping dentists and physicians consider their patients’ overall health.”

The Clinical Dentistry channel's editorial and advisory board —which includes Dr. Newman and associate editors, Donald A. Curtis, D.M.D., and Satheesh Elangovan, B.D.S. — uses a rigorous three-step process to ensure that the coverage helps dentists stay ahead: faculty members and fellows review a large number of journals in dentistry as well as other medical specialties to identify research of clinical importance and create brief “Take Home Messages” for each article; the editorial board reviews these articles and identifies research that is important for the practitioner; and the advisory board as well as renowned experts from around the world offer contextual commentaries for critical developments.

The Clinical Dentistry and additional channel boards collaborate on content to help create a bridge between clinical dentistry and other key areas of medicine. Offering content that connects clinical dentistry to other areas of medicine can benefit dentists who may not seek that information on their own.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the role of dentistry in overall health. PracticeUpdate has a COVID-19 Disease Spotlight with expert commentary provided by leaders from across PracticeUpdate’s channels, including Clinical Dentistry.

Dentists can sign up for their free PracticeUpdate account at

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