Application process open for ADA Speaker of the House

Members interested in running for ADA speaker of the House in 2022 can visit on to find the information necessary to file for candidacy.

The ADA has posted a link to the speaker’s curriculum vitae form on the House of Delegates candidates’ page. The CV form asks for basic background information as well as a listing of parliamentary-related experience. The deadline for filing is June 16, 2022.

Those interested members who did not announce their candidacy at the 2021 House of Delegates are eligible to file a CV for the office of speaker during the established timeline.

The current ADA speaker, Mark Donald, D.M.D., will end his first term at the 2022 ADA annual meeting in Houston. Per ADA Bylaws, the speaker may hold the office for two consecutive three-year terms.

Members interested in applying should contact Diane Ward, senior manager, Strategic Planning and Special Projects, with any questions via email at

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