Dental journalism award nominations sought

American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists, ADA Council on Communications partnering to present awards

The American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists and ADA Council on Communications are accepting nominations for excellence in dental journalism awards.

The awards are presented to dental editors who have exemplified the highest standard of editorial direction, leadership and service to their society or association, dental journalism and the dental profession.

"We are pleased to join with the [American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists] to honor the exceptional contributions made by dental editors who continue to inform and empower dentists and dental students nationwide," said ADA President  Cesar R. Sabates, D.D.S. "The 2022 awards reinforce the vital role dental editors play in providing accurate and reliable insights that help advance the dental profession and health of the public."

Submissions are now being accepted in the following two award categories:

- Distinguished Dental Editor Award. This award recognizes editors who have brought exceptional credit to their society, dental journalism, the dental profession and organized dentistry through the production of high-quality publications and superior leadership.

- Dental Editor Service Award . This award recognizes continuous service as an editor of a tripartite constituent and/or component publication, including fulfillment of all appropriate responsibilities and duties in five-year increments (beginning with the 10th year) as of the date of hire. Editors marking their 10-, 15- or 20- plus year anniversary in 2022 are eligible for this award. The submission must include the name of the nominee's dental society and the title of the publication they edit. It also needs to be written on the society's letterhead and signed by the society's president and/or executive director.

"We are grateful to the ADA and the ADA Council on Communications for their partnership to honor and celebrate the best in dental journalism," said Ann Marie Gothard, president-elect, American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists and chair of the 2022 American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists Awards Committee. "These awards recognize the editorial acumen and expertise of dental editors as well as their unwavering commitment and service to publish professional and business news and information that educates and informs practicing dentists and dental students." 

All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on June 3. Winners will be announced at the American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists' annual conference Oct. 12-13 in Houston.

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