ADA standard on tooth bleaching available for comment

The American Dental Association Standards Committee on Dental Products has approved a revised standard on tooth-bleaching products for circulation and comment.

Proposed Revised ADA Standard No. 136, Products for External Tooth Bleaching, specifies the requirements and test methods for external tooth-bleaching products. These products are intended for use in the oral cavity, either by professional application (in-office tooth-bleaching products) or consumer application (professional or nonprofessional home use of tooth-bleaching products) or both. It also specifies requirements for product packaging, labeling and manufacturer instructions for use.

The standard does not apply to tooth-bleaching products intended to change the color perception of natural teeth by mechanical methods, such as stain removal, or restorative approaches, such as veneers or crowns.

The draft standard is available by calling the ADA toll-free number, ext. 2506, or emailing The comment deadline is March 16.

The ADA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute to develop national standards for products and information technology used by dental professionals and consumers. There are currently more than 140 national dental standards, and more are under development.

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