CDT 2023 ready for pre-order

CDT 2023 updates aid better record-keeping, accurate claim content, timely reimbursement


CDT 2023 and Coding Companion Kit deliver the newest additions and changes to the CDT Code and is available for pre-order online.

All CDT Code changes will become effective on Jan. 1, 2023.

CDT 2023 is the complete upcoming edition of the most up-to-date codes and descriptors, and the Coding Companion Kit compiles hundreds of frequently asked coding questions and dental coding scenarios.

The CDT 2023 App and e-book are included with the purchase of the kit, providing more digital resources for desktop computers, tablets and phones.

New CDT 2023 content includes:

  • Revisions to the intraoral full mouth series (FMX) imaging procedure codes, simplifying their nomenclatures and descriptors.
  • Six guided tissue regeneration procedure codes that enable documenting delivery to a natural tooth, an implant, or an edentulous area – and whether the GTR procedure involves placement of a resorbable or non resorbable membrane
  • A new code to document removal of the non resorbable membrane, as this is a distinct procedure delivered at a separate time, and possibly by a different dentist, than the GTR procedure.
  • Three codes for reporting HPV vaccinations.
  • Six diagnostic imaging codes for tomosynthesis, an emerging intraoral imaging procedure for capture of a comprehensive radiographic survey, as well as bitewings and periapicals.
  • Four new codes to document 3D dental and facial surface scanning procedures: direct when the patient is present, and indirect when a physical model, such as a diagnostic cast, is involved.
  • Revisions to nomenclatures or descriptors of various codes in periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and adjunctive general services to clarify the nature and scope of the procedure.

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