General dentist/practitioner sought for specialties recognition committee

The Council on Dental Education and Licensure is seeking nominations for a general dentist/practitioner vacancy on its Committee on Recognition of Specialties and Interest Areas in General Dentistry.

Nominations, which should include a current curriculum vitae and letter of nomination, are due April 15.

The committee is responsible for matters related to the recognition of dental specialties, specialty certifying boards and interest areas in general dentistry. Specifically, this committee proposes to CDEL new and/or amendment to ADA policies related to recognition. The committee also is tasked to review applications for specialty recognition as posted by the National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards and recommend what action, if any, the council should take during the comment period.

The six-member committee, chaired by a CDEL member, includes two practitioners (a general dentist and a dental specialist); two educators/researchers (a general dentist and a dental specialist); and one additional CDEL member. Consideration will be given to achieving overall balance on the committee, including underrepresented groups and women.

Nominees must be ADA members who have email and internet access. Self-nominations are considered. In addition, committee members should devote the majority of time to dental practice as a general dentist; have a record of service within a professional dental organization; is familiar with issues and Association policies related to the specialty and general dentistry recognition process; is willing to abide by Association policies related to conflict of interest and confidentiality; is willing to be objective in the consideration of matters reviewed by the committee; has sufficient expertise to analyze survey data received in conjunction with recognition applications; and is able to devote the necessary time to committee activities.

Those interested on the vacancy can contact Annette Puzan at to learn more about the eligibility requirements. Applications must be submitted to the council coordinator Tierra Braxton at by April 15.

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