Women in DSO leader to share strategies in SmileCon panel discussion

Founder created group to support leaders in dental service organizations

Dr. Kaur

The Women in DSO team will be at SmileCon.

Led by founder Dr. Aman Kaur, the group supports a platform for women leaders across the dental industry, including dental support organizations to connect and grow.

Dr. Kaur will be a featured panelist in Real Talk C.H.A.T.: Trust Your Gutin Your Career Journey and Other Words of Wisdom (7140) , scheduled for Oct. 15 at noon in Dental Central's Member Center Theater.

It is important for Women in DSO to have a presence and involvement at SmileCon, Dr. Kaur said, and she appreciated the ADA's role in the industry as a whole.

"The ADA has long been an organization that dentists, clinical leaders, dental service organizations, governmental bodies and everyday people look toward to advance dental health in the United States," Dr. Kaur said.

Being closely involved with several DSOs in various stages of their growth and evolution, Dr. Kaur said she has witnessed talented women as key drivers of growth in the DSO space, leading change with creative and innovative ideas and navigating this quickly evolving landscape.

"The DSO industry has burgeoned and blossomed over the past 15 years," Dr. Kaur said. "DSO organizations are predominantly made up of women across all levels, but they are underrepresented at the highest levels of DSO leadership. Women can be seen leading, supervising and managing complex business function areas to optimize value to the dental industry, and more women are needed in leadership roles."

She said she is "so excited to partner with the ADA to recognize and promote women's contributions to DSOs and the dental industry's growth. Being at SmileCon is a step in further integrating the top association for dentistry in the U.S. with the goal of advancing women's leadership."

Women in DSO was founded in 2021. Among its key supporters are Henry Schein and national law firm Dykema.

Kathleen Titus, director of business development at Henry Schein, hailed the ADA's invitation to have Dr.  Kaur provide a voice at SmileCon.

"Women in dentistry have continued to make countless contributions and innovations in the dental industry," Ms. Titus said. "Wesupport women leaders in this field and by collaborating with Women in DSO, we have the opportunity to further recognize current and future leaders in DSOs."

Brian Colao, J.D., director of Dykema's DSO industry group, sits on the board of directors of Women in DSO and was pleased with Dr. Kaur's upcoming appearance at SmileCon.

"The ratio of women to men working in the dental industry has consistently risen from year to year, and yet for decades, there has beena glaring hole when it comes to providing women with access, opportunities and mentorship," Mr. Colao said. "As a true visionary, Dr. Aman Kaur changed all that when she founded Women in DSO, thus providing a voice for women in the industry. I, along with our entire Dykema DSO industry group of attorneys, am proud to help play a role in this important evolution for women dental leaders."

Joy Nisnisan, D.D.S., a 2022 dental school graduate and American Student Dental Association consultant for the ADA New Dentist Committee, will moderate the panel.

The discussion will showcase dental professionals who took different paths in dentistry and how they discovered what was right for them.

The other panelists are:

  • Tanya Sue Maestas, D.D.S., a 2022 10 under 10 winner and dental director at La Clinica De Familia Inc. in Chaparral, New Mexico, where she serves low-income patients.
  • Sean Aiken, D.M.D., a Louisville-based practice owner-dentist who is the 6th District representative of the ADA New Dentist Committee.
  • U.S. Air Force Major Ryan Gustafson, D.D.S., a 2022 ADA 10 Under 10 Awards winner.

"Our panel conversation is focused around choosing career in dentistry, and I think this topic is really important in today's evolved dental industry, as there are so many great career options available in addition to being a chairside clinician," Dr. Kaur said. "In the long run, it's important to hone on your instinct and purpose. Typically the answer lies within us; all we have to do is start listening to ourselves. Start chasing what really drives you - that's where the magic is."

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