New PracticeUpdate Spotlight On series offers easy guide to latest research on timely topics

Digests cover digital workflows, implants, peri-implantitis


With countless articles published each year in dental journals, keeping up with the latest research can be difficult. Luckily, the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel is available to help dentists with the heavy lifting.

Supported by the American Dental Association and Elsevier, the publisher of The Journal of the American Dental Association, the channel curates the most clinically relevant research in general dentistry and all dental specialties and creates summaries and take-home messages in easy-to-skim formats to help busy dentists stay informed of recent advances.

In June, the channel launched the Spotlight On series, which groups content into specific areas of interest. The first three digests cover digital workflows; implants and implant restorations; and peri-implantitis and maintenance of implants. Like the channel, the digests are free.

“The purpose of the PracticeUpdate Spotlight On series is to select some of the very best evidence in a wide range of clinically important topics from the world literature,” said Michael Newman, D.D.S., editor-in-chief of the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel. “PracticeUpdate provides important, useful and essential information for achieving the best outcomes for patients.”

The Spotlight On Restorative and Prosthodontic Digital Workflow — Digital Dentistry, which was sent June 23 to ADA members and other oral health professionals, explains clinical applications of digital workflows, compares technologies, and discusses benefits for dental education, clinicians and patients. For example, it highlights a JADA article that compares the efficiency and treatment outcomes of a digital versus a conventional method of fabricating a denture, finding the digital method can reduce clinical and laboratory times and improve the occlusion stability of the final denture.

Donald Curtis, D.M.D., one of two associate editors of the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel, said the channel represents the future of how clinicians can use literature to support clinical decision-making. 

“Using an online platform like PracticeUpdate to support clinical decision-making is relatively new to dentistry but is rapidly catching on,” Dr. Curtis said. “Already over 20,000 subscribers are benefiting from our daily summaries and take-home messages. The platform is easy to use and free.”

The channel’s expert editorial and advisory board considers every article in the top 100 dental journals, selecting ones that have direct relevance to dental practice, and writes the summaries and take-home messages. Every week, the board also finds recognized world experts and key opinion leaders to write commentaries on select articles.

“PracticeUpdate Spotlight On is a natural extension of the growth of our platform,” Dr. Curtis said. “The number of reviewed and summarized articles has allowed cross-indexing of focused areas of clinical interest.”

The second Spotlight On issue, scheduled to launch in July, highlights new findings on implants and implant restorations, while the third, slated for August, provides the most up-to-date clinical guidance on peri-implantitis. All three showcase emerging trends in clinical dentistry and the editorial board’s efforts to ensure oral health professionals have easy access to the best research on those trends.

“The goal of the first PracticeUpdate Spotlight On digests is to highlight three areas within dentistry that are growing exponentially,” said Satheesh Elangovan, B.D.S., D.Sc., D.M.Sc., associate editor of the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel. “Within these areas, Spotlight On provides a unique snapshot of the recent advances in dentistry in a focused manner, which would not be available otherwise.”

Learn more and subscribe for free to the PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry Channel at The channel offers a customizable dashboard that includes abstracts, expert analysis, commentaries, news and other educational content, as well as optional daily and weekly email alerts to ensure dentists do not miss the latest in clinical dentistry content. The first Spotlight On issue is now available on the channel. 

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