Brett H. Kessler, D.D.S., voted ADA president-elect

Denver, Colorado, dentist served as ADA trustee

Brett H. Kessler, D.D.S., addresses the House of Delegates Oct. 10.

Orlando — Brett H. Kessler, D.D.S., a Denver, Colorado, dentist and 14th District trustee, was voted president-elect by the ADA House of Delegates Oct. 10.

Dr. Kessler is the former president of the Colorado Dental Association and the founding chair of the Colorado Dental Association Foundation. He received his dental degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.

“The changemaker movement is on, and I’m so so grateful, and I’m looking so forward to these next two years,” Dr. Kessler told the House of Delegates.

Dr. Kessler ran against Susan B. Doroshow, D.D.S., from Skokie, Illinois, and Craig Armstrong, D.D.S., from Houston, Texas.

“I’d like to thank Craig and Sue for pushing me to a new level,” Dr. Kessler said. “We made it a point to grow our friendships during this process, and I feel like we did that in big ways.”


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