Kansas becomes sixth state to join Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact

Legislation goes into effect once 7 states join

Kansas became the sixth state to join the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact after Gov. Laura Kelly signed House Bill 2453 into law April 12. 

The interstate compact supports license portability by providing a legal pathway for dental professionals to practice in all states participating in the compact instead of obtaining an individual license in every state they want to practice. 

Kevin Robertson, executive director of the Kansas Dental Association, said the approval process involved working closely with the American Dental Association, the Council of State Governments and Kansas Dental Association members. 

“We’re very excited that we’re the sixth state, which means we’ll have a higher stake in decision making as members of the commission,” Mr. Robertson said. 

Mr. Robertson expressed enthusiasm over becoming one of the first seven states to join the compact, as this will allow Kansas to be part of the commission that creates the rules and application process. However, any state that joins after the first seven will still have representation on the commission. 

“We’ll play a larger role in implementing the rules and regulations and being part of the commission as one of those initial seven states,” he said. 

Kansas joins Virginia, Iowa, Washington, Tennessee and Wisconsin in passing the legislation. The bill has passed both chambers in Maine and awaits the governor’s signature, and several other states have bills in the latter stages of consideration. The compact will become active once it has been enacted by seven states.

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