Award recognizes dental practices as great places for assistants to work

Nominations due June 14

The Dental Assisting National Board has launched an award to recognize dental practices and clinics that foster supportive and fulfilling environments for dental assistants.

Nominations for the Great Practice for Dental Assistants to Work award are due by June 14. Only a dental assistant who is currently employed by the practice or clinic may submit the entry, but any team member is welcome to provide input on the entry form.

The entry form includes questions related to workplace culture, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, and professional development.

Winning practices will receive a plaque, $250 gift card to host a staff party, public recognition through the Dental Assisting National Board and DALE Foundation, and materials to promote the award. They will be notified by July 15.

Submit nominations on the Dental Assisting National Board website.

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