ADA invests in two companies

Companies produce saliva test, AI platform

Mr. Liew
Dr. Saw
Dr. Dolan

The American Dental Association has invested funds in two companies producing technologies that support dentists.

The companies include Oral Genome, which developed a salivary test that detects biomarkers associated with caries and periodontitis, and Overjet, whose artificial intelligence platform detects decay and quantifies bone loss on radiographs in real time. Both Oral Genome and Overjet have other institutional investors.

The ADA Innovation Advisory Committee, which was established in 2023 and consists of two ADA trustees and five entrepreneurs, including one dentist, advises the ADA Board of Trustees on investments and other topics related to new products and services. These investments come from ADA reserves.

“The charge of the committee is to gauge the investment potential of products, services and technology. The committee then brings its recommendations to the Board for a vote,” said Roger Liew, chair of the committee and a partner at Impact Engine, a venture capital and private equity firm. “The goal is strictly financial.”

Investment in these companies is not an ADA endorsement of their product offerings, Mr. Liew noted.

“There are other companies that offer similar products,” he said. “The IAC evaluation of these companies is from a financial, not a technological or scientific, perspective. We are interested in what we believe are the strongest financial investments for the future.”

Oral Genome’s patent-pending saliva test is available through dental providers. The testing process involves collecting saliva on a test card, snapping a photo using the mobile app and receiving instant results.

“Oral Genome's goal is to equip providers with a seamlessly integrated technology that enhances patient care and streamlines practice processes,” said Tina Saw, D.D.S., CEO and founder of Oral Genome. “With Oral Genome, patients gain the insights they need to navigate their oral health confidently, while providers have a tool that simplifies patient management and strengthens practice engagement.”

Overjet’s AI platform supports dentists as they diagnose oral diseases and educate patients about their health. The platform is subject to issued patents and pending patent applications.

"As a dentist, I'm committed to continually learning and doing everything I can to enable the best possible care for patients," said Teresa Dolan, D.D.S., chief dental officer at Overjet and member of the ADA Forsyth Institute board of directors. “I joined Overjet because, when I saw its AI technology, I knew it would become a necessary tool for every dentist and dental team member. Today is a special day for me because it’s proof that AI is here to stay. I'm confident that this historic investment will help improve care for millions of patients." 

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