Letters: EPA and fluoride

EPA and fluoride

I was made aware that the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed that certain dangerous chemicals can be removed through filtration equipment in water treatment facilities.

 While this may be a good idea, one possible side effect or action would be the removal of fluoride, which is added to municipal and other water-delivery systems.

 The addition of fluoride should be preserved and not be removed as part of this action. Fluoride is added to water and placed in toothpaste and incorporated in many dental restorative products because fluoride protects teeth from the corrosive effects of acidity, which causes dental decay. 

Additionally, the amount has no ill health effects on humans and has been used for many years without any side effects. If a problem existed, it would certainly have been noticed after such a long time. 

As is often the case, those who propose such rules may not be aware of unintended consequences that may arise. This is why we need to be vigilant or not allow legislation to cause problems, hence the need to alert those in charge not to allow other damage to occur in the name of preventing other problems. 

I call on my fellow dentists to please communicate this concern and make sure your representatives in both chambers alert the EPA and other powers that be that fluoride should not be removed from water sources as part of the efforts to remove  known harmful chemicals.

 James P. Economos, D.D.S.,

Bartlett, Illinois

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